High-Standard PDR Tools & Dent Removal

PDRNY (PAINTLESS DENT REMOVAL) in Mount Vernon, New York, specializes in paintless dent removal. My team is equipped with state-of-the-art PDR tools and masterful techniques, making dent repair a breeze.

If your car has visible dents, door dings, and hail damage, visit my shop so I can fix them for you. Better yet, let me come to you. Either way, you can take advantage of my same-day service and affordable rates, which cost 1/3 less than conventional repair.

Dent in Car Panel

The Repair Process

As long as the metal is not stretched beyond repair, I can manage dents as big as a whole door. My approach to handling repairs depends on where the damage is. If it is located on the door, I lower the window and use a light reflection board to move the light to where it needs to be. Then, I begin rubbing the surface with a metal tool to massage the dent. I go in through the window and use a window guard for protection. If it is on the roof, I carefully remove the interior lining to expose the dent. This gives me easier access in getting the dent out.

A dime-sized dent can take 15 minutes but a hail damage of 200 dents can take several days. Once every single dent is removed, I reinstall all the parts to get access to the dents. I guarantee that your car's factory finish will remain intact and that it will not lose its value. I follow a dent matrix, which offers you a reasonable starting price of $125.00 for a quarter-sized dent. I also extend my services to car dealerships struck by hail damage in their car lot.